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Our company, ZI LI International Trading Ltd., was formed in 1990 to manufacture and distribute women’s apparels on a wholesale level. We have always stood in direct contact with our customers from the very beginning, thus it was easy to realize the rapidly growing market demands. In order to stay true to our customer-oriented approach, we placed a goal to create an independent brand where denim materials have special emphasis to meet individual demands.

After establishing our first brand, we soon gained a wide range of customers in Hungary and neighboring countries. We have retail channels in Slovakia, Serbia, Poland, Ukraine, Romania, and Bulgaria. The well-constructed concepts, with organized and focused corporate apparatus, have enabled us to provide an expending range of offers from year to year. Our offers have grown to a quantity which requires that three entire collections come off of our designer's table. The Dromedar, Yes!PINK, and Fashion Vivi brands, with its wide range of product offers and favorable price ranges, provides everyone the opportunity to follow the latest fashion trends, be it classical or extravagant style apparel





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Zili Zhu

Managing Director
Samples everything, produces everything, and pays for everything

Kevin Jiekai

Managing Director
Travels to China instead of you

Gabriella Csató

Invoice & Data Manager
Make sure you don’t owe us any money

Lóránd Papolczi

Sales Manager
Helps to earn you money

Anett Schneider

Sales Assistant
Only german customers get to talk to a pretty lady
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